SEAsia’s Foremost Military Expert Redux

During the chaotic first hours after the February 1, 2014 shooting at Laksi’s IT Square, many online were trying to piece together information about what happened. Looking at the pictures, I noticed one man who was definitely involved in the shooting but not carrying a firearm. I put together a graphic pointing out why I believed he was involved and posted the following tweet:


I called it a “M16 Magazine” because according to wikipedia’s STANAG Magazine page:

A STANAG magazine or NATO magazine is a type of detachable firearm magazine proposed by NATO in October 1980. Shortly after NATO’s acceptance of the 5.56x45mm NATO rifle cartridge, Draft Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4179 was proposed in order to allow the military services of member nations easily to share rifle ammunition and magazines during operations, at the individual soldier level, in the interest of easing logistical concerns. The magazine proposed for standardization was originally designed for the U.S. M16 rifle. Many NATO member nations, but not all, subsequently developed or purchased rifles with the ability to accept this type of magazine.

No attempt was made to determine who this person was other than to show his involvement. Strangely, I am now being attacked online over this rather innocuous tweet. In my previous post, SEAsia’s foremost military expert? I showed that the firearm that was being carried in the popcorn bag was a short barreled M16 or M4. This should be relatively apparent to anyone who is not “SEAsia’s formemost military expert”.

Since posting that, Andrew Spoooner has changed from tweeting about this person in the third person to tweeting about firearms in the first person. I can only assume either “SEAsia’s foremost military expert” is also a hacker who has managed to take over Andrew Spoooner’s twitter account or that this mythical “SEAsia’s foremost military expert” is in fact Mr. Spoooner himself.

On February 1st, Mr. Spoooner, aka “SEAsia’s formemost military expert” tweeted out the weapon in the picture was “not Israeli Tavor but US M16”:


UPDATE: This tweet has since been deleted by Mr. Spoooner

I am a bit surprised he was able to determine it was US made based on this picture but I guess that is why he is the expert.

In the days since, other tweets have followed trying to establish that the “M16 Magazine” I pointed out in my initial tweet was in fact an Israeli Tavor magazine ignoring the fact that the M16 magazine design predates the Tavor rifle by 40 years:



After previously tweeting that the firearm in the picture was a “US M16” why the sudden change of heart?


Is it possible Andrew Spooner really isn’t “SEAsia’s foremost military expert”? Should we assume something more mundane could be at play here?


Finally it appears that Mr. Spoooner is beginning to reveal his true motivations. By misdirecting the truth, he is attempting to place the blame for the shooting on the Royal Thai Army. The political agenda becomes clear.

Far more interesting is the Royal Thai Army isn’t the “only people with access” to the Tavor. After the political crackdown against UDD in 2010, more than 20 Tavor rifles remained missing. Some of them were found including one of them in the hotel room rented by well known UDD leader Kwanchai Praipana:


Should we blame Mr. Kwanchai for the shooting at Laksi because according to Mr. Spooner’s “SEAsia’s foremost military expert” a Tavor was used? Of course not. That would be as stupid as blaming the Thai Army for the same.

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SEAsia’s foremost military expert?

Recently a military assault rifle was used in Thailand to shoot at protesters. In what can only be described as one of the more bizarre chapters in the many bizarre chapters of known provocateur, Andrew Spoooner, he is now claiming to have interviewed South East Asia’s foremost military experts about what happened.


While this certainly could be true considering how many ‘foremost military experts’ there are in South East Asia, it is interesting this particular military expert can not tell the difference between an Israeli Tavor assault rifle and a short barreled M16/M4 style assault rifle.

In the eyes of an expert these rifles might look incredibly similar but to the normal untrained non-military experts eyes, the differences start to become apparent.


If one is to study these two images of firearms for an extended amount of time, it is possible to start to notice some very subtle differences between them. Please note this is not a task to be taken lightly as South East Asia’s foremost military expert was not able to do it.

If we look back at the picture of the gunman and the rifle he is carrying, we can zoom in on the gun and take a better look at it.


We can then compare this to the muzzles on both the Tavor and a short barreled M16/M4.


At this point a leap of faith must be made. One of South East Asia’s foremost military experts has been fooled by the similarities in these two firearms so I will leave it up to the reader to make up their own minds.

It is a rather daunting challenge but see if you can out-expert South East Asia’s foremost military expert. Go ahead, give it a try!

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Initial Analysis of UAV Video from November 24, 2012

Another video has surfaced of the initial conflict between protesters and the Royal Thai Police on the morning of November 24, 2012. This video can be viewed at the following link:

This video, like the CCTV camera video, appears to show the protesters beginning the confrontation by throwing a tear gas canister at the Royal Thai Police. This happens at approximately 1:50 into the video. Again this video, like the CCTV camera video, is very misleading. When this section of the video is enlarged, an incoming tear gas canister can clearly be seen:

Still frames from the video follow:

Video at 01:50

An incoming canister can clearly be seen in this image.

Video at 01:51

Gas can be seen discharging from the canister.

Video at 01:52

A protester pics up the canister from the ground.

Video at 01:53

The canister can be seen being thrown back towards the Royal Thai Police.

A more complete analysis will be done as time permits. Watch this space.

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Analysis of CCTV Tear Gas Video from November 24, 2012

A video has been posted online which appears to show the Royal Thai Police having tear gas thrown at them by protesters. This video is available on youtube at:

The portion in question is available at:

On closer examination it is obvious the video is either heavily edited or the feed from the CCTV suffered serious latency issues. This is made even more clear by the time stamp in the upper right corner. A basic overview of the video and the missing frames is presented below.

Time period from 08:52:28 to 08:52:29.

This clip shows the beginning of this section of the video. It appears that the video starts after the first tear gas canister has been thrown. Gas can be seen rising in the air and it appears to be concentrated in the top center of the image right above the flag.

Time period from 08:52:32 to 08:52:33.

Three seconds of video were missing between this clip and the previous clip. The tear gas in the center is stronger and an individual throws a canister towards the police. A logical conclusion can be drawn that he is throwing the canister that was producing tear gas in the first clip. Since the first clip shows gas in an arc across the image, it can be assumed that this canister was first thrown by the police. This is more clearly shown in the image below:

Additional gas is rising in the upper right of the image.

Time period from 08:52:36 to 08:52:37.

Three seconds of video were missing between this clip and the previous clip. This image shows another canister being thrown from the protesters towards the police. The location it is being thrown from, upper right side, is the same as where gas was rising in the previous image. This is shown more clearly below:

Time period from 08:52:40 to 08:52:42.

Three seconds of video were missing between this clip and the previous clip. In this clip more tear gas is rising from the protester side. The protesters are starting to retreat.

Time period from 08:52:44 to 08:52:45.

Two seconds of video were missing between this clip and the previous clip. Something small appears to be thrown from one of the protesters. It does not resemble the other tear gas canisters being thrown.

Time period from 08:52:48 to 08:52:48.

Three seconds of video were missing between this clip and the previous clip.

Time period from 08:52:52 to 08:52:52.

Four seconds of video were missing between this clip and the previous clip. At least two tear gas canisters are clearly being thrown towards the protesters. This is the first time the video shows canisters coming from the police side.

Time period from 08:52:56 to 08:52:56.

Four seconds of video were missing between this clip and the previous clip.

Time period from 08:53:00 to 08:53:01.

Four seconds of video were missing between this clip and the previous clip. Tear gas is now being thrown back towards the police lines. It appears to be coming from the same location the tear gas from 08:52:52 landed. This is probably the same tear gas canister being thrown back towards the police:

The following image posted to twitter shows a protester throwing a tear gas canister back towards the Police. It is of the same type used by the Thai Police and may correspond to these frames in the video:

Time period from 08:52:04 to 08:52:05.

Three seconds of video were missing between this clip and the previous clip. A tear gas canister appears in the middle of the image. It is impossible to determine where it came from because those frames are missing from the video.

Time period from 08:52:08 to 08:52:08.

Three seconds of video were missing between this clip and the previous clip.

Without more information it is impossible to know if the missing frames were caused by the CCTV system or by a deliberate attempt to mislead. Either way, this video presents a very deceptive view of the events it presents.

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Bangkok Flood Elevation Map

This image is a map of Bangkok elevation levels with the English names and locations of a few well known landmarks and districts added. Based off this map, it becomes clear why limited flooding is occurring in very limited areas and why the northern flood wall is so important.

You can click on the image for a larger version.

Update: Here is the original version compressed down to a medium resolution JPEG:

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An Open Letter To Andrew Spooner

Hello Andy,

The hate campaign against you wasn’t in response to anything you did towards myself. It wasn’t in response to you ‘exposing me as a racist’ or any other such nonsense you tell people. It never had anything to do with me. It was in response to the way you treat others.

Many innocent people online have suffered torment from you. The bitterness towards you came from watching how you treated others. Dwight Turner is a man trying to make the world a better place through a children’s charity and because of it suffered your endless taunts and accusations. Many others suffered similar abuse through your attempts to manufacture a news story you could publish.

Attacking you wasn’t done to intimidate you or cause you personal problems, it was simply a hope that you might see the errors of your ways and act civilized towards others. In that respect it worked since you abandoned your old targets. Instead you picked a new set of innocents such as the US Ambassador, Kristie Kenney. This culminated in you filing police charges against a twitter user and having them arrested in the UK. (I am sure this person will clarify his situation himself so there is no reason for me to go into the details of what happened here.) All the while you continued, and continue, to somehow
portray yourself as the innocent victim.

Many could file police charges against you for your activities online but nobody has and they will not. It is not the way adults act. Adults discuss problems and find solutions. Not once in the past months have you ever asked me to stop or taken any efforts towards accepting any of my numerous offers to stop. You call me an anonymous racist troll but have both my twitter ID and my email address and you could have contacted me at any time to discuss this. You did not.

Your only actions towards me have been a steady stream of threats of intimidation, filing lawsuits and police charges. You have contacted the employers of numerous people online and attempted to get them fired from their jobs when their only crime was corresponding with me. Even now after you have had one person arrested you continue to file threats of police charges against others.

You claim threats to yourself and your family but you yourself tweeted a very hostile death threat towards me. Unlike you, I laughed it off.

You campaign against Lese Majesty laws in Thailand and in favor of freedom of speech but you are a total hypocrite. You have done everything in your power to attempt to create McCarthy style social blacklists for people you disagree with. Your latest Facebook post even publicly acknowledges this when you say, “including reporting people to their employers.” While you disagree with Lese Majesty you wish to create a new category of Lese Spooner laws aimed at anyone who holds a viewpoint contrary to your own.

It is quiet clear your public Internet persona is manufactured by yourself in order to turn you into some sort of ‘shock journalist’ and make a name for yourself. You attempt to promote yourself as a champion of the Thai lower class and work to right the injustice against them. Instead of bringing attention to a cause, your writings come off as infantile attempts at cheap tabloid journalism and completely disrespect those you care so passionately about. If you really want to be a journalist you should open up and use your energy to effect something positive. Try offering constructive solutions to problems instead.

I seriously doubt you will be able to pull yourself away from your downward spiral of threats and personal attack based gutter journalism but it is up to you. Prove me wrong.

Yours truly,


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