Initial Analysis of UAV Video from November 24, 2012

Another video has surfaced of the initial conflict between protesters and the Royal Thai Police on the morning of November 24, 2012. This video can be viewed at the following link:

This video, like the CCTV camera video, appears to show the protesters beginning the confrontation by throwing a tear gas canister at the Royal Thai Police. This happens at approximately 1:50 into the video. Again this video, like the CCTV camera video, is very misleading. When this section of the video is enlarged, an incoming tear gas canister can clearly be seen:

Still frames from the video follow:

Video at 01:50

An incoming canister can clearly be seen in this image.

Video at 01:51

Gas can be seen discharging from the canister.

Video at 01:52

A protester pics up the canister from the ground.

Video at 01:53

The canister can be seen being thrown back towards the Royal Thai Police.

A more complete analysis will be done as time permits. Watch this space.

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